Company Collaborations and Partnerships in the Netherlands

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The Netherlands, known for its innovative spirit and favorable business climate, offers a dynamic landscape for businesses and entrepreneurs. With a strategic location, highly skilled workforce, and a robust infrastructure, the country has become a prominent hub for various industries and sectors.

One of the key sectors driving the Dutch economy is agriculture and food processing. The Netherlands is renowned for its advanced agricultural practices, sustainable farming methods, and high-quality food production. With a strong focus on innovation and technology, businesses in the agricultural sector can benefit from collaborations with research institutes, access to cutting-edge technologies, and a well-established international network for export.

The Netherlands is also a global leader in the energy and renewable sector. The country has made significant strides in transitioning to a sustainable energy system, with a strong emphasis on wind, solar, and bioenergy. Investing in renewable energy projects, energy-efficient technologies, or sustainable infrastructure in the Netherlands can tap into its expertise, supportive policies, and commitment to achieving carbon neutrality.

Another thriving sector in the Netherlands is logistics and transportation. With its strategic location and world-class ports, the country serves as a major logistics hub for Europe. The well-developed transportation infrastructure, including an extensive network of roads, railways, and waterways, enables efficient distribution and supply chain management. Investing in logistics, warehousing, or transportation services in the Netherlands can benefit from its excellent connectivity, logistical expertise, and access to a large consumer market.

The Netherlands is also home to a vibrant creative industry. From design and fashion to media and entertainment, the country fosters a creative and innovative environment. Businesses in the creative sector can leverage the Dutch design expertise, digital innovation, and international collaborations. Investing in creative industries, such as advertising, fashion, gaming, or digital media, can tap into the Netherlands’ creative talent pool and its reputation as a cultural and artistic hub.

Additionally, the Netherlands is known for its strong financial sector. Amsterdam, in particular, is a prominent financial center with a thriving fintech ecosystem. The country’s stable economy, favorable regulatory environment, and advanced digital infrastructure make it an attractive destination for financial services companies and startups. Investing in fintech, banking, or financial services in the Netherlands can benefit from its innovative climate, access to capital, and collaboration opportunities with leading financial institutions.

Furthermore, the Dutch healthcare and life sciences sector is globally recognized for its research, innovation, and high-quality medical facilities. The country has a strong focus on life sciences, biotechnology, and medical technology, attracting investments in pharmaceutical research, healthcare services, and medical device manufacturing. Investing in the healthcare sector in the Netherlands can tap into its renowned expertise, advanced healthcare infrastructure, and collaboration opportunities with leading academic institutions. Below are 5 large company in Netherlands.


ASML is a leading supplier of lithography systems used in the semiconductor industry. Their cutting-edge technology enables the production of smaller, faster, and more efficient microchips, which are essential components in various electronic devices.

ASML’s primary focus is on photolithography, a critical process in semiconductor manufacturing. Photolithography involves projecting patterns onto silicon wafers to create integrated circuits. ASML’s lithography systems use ultraviolet light and innovative optical technologies to achieve highly precise and complex patterns.

ASML invests heavily in research and development to drive technological advancements in semiconductor lithography. The company collaborates with chip manufacturers, universities, and research institutes to push the boundaries of innovation in the semiconductor industry.

Products : Metrology Systems, deep ultraviolet lithography systems, Twinscan NXT.


PROSUS has a diverse investment portfolio that includes leading companies in sectors such as e-commerce, online classifieds, food delivery, payments, and edtech. They invest in businesses that are at the forefront of digital innovation and have the potential for sustainable growth.

PROSUS was spun off from Naspers, a South African multinational conglomerate, in September 2019. The spin-off was aimed at unlocking the value of Naspers’ global internet assets and providing a focused platform for further investments and growth.


HEINEKEN offers a diverse portfolio of beer brands, including its flagship brand, Heineken, which is a globally recognized and widely consumed beer. Additionally, HEINEKEN owns and operates a range of regional and local beer brands such as Amstel, Desperados, Tiger, Birra Moretti, Dos Equis, Sol, and Strongbow, among others.

HEINEKEN has a rich brewing heritage dating back to 1864 when it was founded in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The company’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship has contributed to its reputation as a respected and trusted beer producer.


Adyen offers a comprehensive payment platform that enables businesses to accept a wide range of payment methods, including credit and debit cards, mobile wallets, bank transfers, and alternative payment methods. Their platform supports online, in-store, and mobile payments, providing a seamless and secure payment experience for customers.

Adyen operates on a global scale, serving businesses across different industries and regions. Their payment platform supports transactions in multiple currencies and languages, facilitating international expansion and cross-border commerce.


ING provides a wide range of banking services to individuals, businesses, and institutional clients. These services include savings accounts, checking accounts, loans, mortgages, investments, insurance, and payment solutions.

ING offers retail banking services to individual customers, providing them with various financial products and services tailored to their needs. This includes personal banking, online banking, mobile banking, and digital banking solutions.

ING serves corporate clients and institutions, offering them a range of financial services such as corporate lending, trade finance, cash management, treasury solutions, and corporate advisory services. They cater to both domestic and international businesses across different sectors.

Below are some companies in Netherlands

  • Building Products : Sif Holding.
  • Industrial Specialties : Akzo Nobel.
  • Life And Health Insurance : Nn Group.
  • Electrical Products : Signify, Tkh Group, Alfen.
  • Movies And Entertainment : Fl Entertainment, Snowworld.
  • Other Metals And Minerals : Amg Critical Materials.
  • Other Pharmaceuticals : Dsm Firmenich Ag.
  • Computer Communications : Nedap.
  • Oilfield Services And Equipment : Sbm Offshore.
  • Personnel Services : Randstad.
  • Agricultural Commodities And Milling : Forfarmers.
  • Internet Software And Services : Motork Plc.
  • Air Freight And Couriers : Postnl.
  • Engineering And Construction : Arcadis, Fugro, Koninklijke Bam Groep, Heijmans.
  • Biotechnology : Galapagos, Vivoryon Therapeutics.
  • Specialty Stores : Just Eat, Fastned, Beter Bed Holding, Pb Holding.
  • Packaged Software : Adyen, Tomtom,, Mkb Nedsense, Geojunxion.
  • Medical Distributors : B&s Group Sa Eur0.06.
  • Specialty Chemicals : Dsm Kon, Holland Colours.
  • Investment Trusts And Mutual Funds : Pershing Square Holding, Tetragon Financial Group, Boussard Gavaudan, Volta Finance Limited.
  • Agricultural Chemicals : Oci.
  • Investment Banks And Brokers : Flow Traders.
  • Specialty Food And Candy : Jde Peet’s, Corbion.
  • Other Consumer Services : Basic-fit.
  • Aluminum : Alumexx.
  • Miscellaneous Manufacturing : Hydratec Gewone Aandelen.
  • Recreational Products : Afc Ajax.
  • Miscellaneous Commercial Services : Universal Music Group N V, Majorel Group Luxembourg, Brunel Internat, Almunda Professional, Roodmicrotec, Ease2pay, Dgb Group.
  • Major Telecommunications : Kpn Kon.
  • Major Pharmaceuticals : Pharming Group.
  • Real Estate Development : Ctp.
  • Books And Magazines Publishing : Koninklijke Brill.
  • Information Technology Services : Inpost, Ordina, Ctac, Lavide Holding.
  • Industrial Machinery : Asm International, Be Semiconductor Industries, Aalberts, Nx Filtration, Envipco, Avantium.
  • Alcoholic Beverages : Heineken, Heineken Holding, Lucas Bols
  • Food Retail : Koninklijke Ahold Delhaize.
  • Steel : Arcelormittal Sa, Aperam.
  • Investment Managers : Exor, V Lanschot Kempen.
  • Medical And Nursing Services : Value8.
  • Major Banks : Ing Groep, Abn Amro Bank.
  • Multi-line Insurance : Aegon, Asr Nederland.
  • Financial Conglomerates : Prosus, Hal Trust, Allfunds Group Plc.
  • Wireless Telecommunications : Veon Ltd.
  • Semiconductors : Asml Holding.
  • Major Diversified Chemicals : Imcd.
  • Wholesale Distributors : Vopak, Acomo.
  • Oem Auto Parts : Kendrion.
  • Restaurants : Sligro Food Group.
  • Data Processing Services : Wolters Kluwer.
  • Trucks And Construction And Farm Machinery : Ebusco Holding.
  • Finance And Rental And Leasing : Azerion Group, Gp Bullhound Acquisition Shares.

In conclusion, the Netherlands offers a diverse range of investment opportunities across various sectors. Whether in agriculture, renewable energy, logistics, creative industries, finance, or healthcare, the country provides a favorable business environment, access to cutting-edge technologies, and a highly skilled workforce. Investing in the Netherlands can open doors to innovation, collaboration, and growth in the heart of Europe. Data taken in may 2023.

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