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Sweden, located in Northern Europe, is known for its strong economy, innovation-driven culture, and business-friendly environment. The country offers a range of opportunities for business and investment across various sectors.

One of the key sectors driving the Swedish economy is information technology (IT) and digital innovation. Sweden has a thriving tech ecosystem, with a high concentration of startups, tech companies, and research institutions. Stockholm, the capital city, is often referred to as the “Unicorn Factory” due to its numerous successful tech startups. The country’s emphasis on innovation, digital infrastructure, and skilled workforce makes it an attractive destination for IT investments and entrepreneurial ventures.

Another significant sector in Sweden is clean energy and sustainability. The country has made substantial progress in transitioning to a low-carbon economy and is a global leader in renewable energy production. Sweden’s focus on sustainable practices, including wind power, hydroelectricity, and biomass, presents investment opportunities in renewable energy generation, energy efficiency, and green technologies.

Sweden’s manufacturing sector is highly advanced and known for its precision engineering and high-quality products. Key industries include automotive, machinery, pharmaceuticals, and telecommunications. The country’s strong manufacturing base, coupled with a skilled workforce and a tradition of innovation, makes it an attractive destination for companies seeking to establish manufacturing operations or expand their supply chains.

The healthcare and life sciences sector in Sweden is also prominent, with cutting-edge research, advanced healthcare infrastructure, and a focus on pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and biotechnology. The country’s strong commitment to healthcare innovation, coupled with a supportive regulatory environment and a well-functioning healthcare system, creates opportunities for investments in medical research, healthcare technologies, and digital health solutions.

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Atlas Copco AB is a Swedish industrial company that provides a wide range of products and services in various industries, primarily focused on compressors, vacuum solutions, generators, industrial tools, and assembly systems. The company operates globally and serves customers in sectors such as manufacturing, construction, mining, and oil and gas.


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Investor AB focuses on long-term investments in companies across various sectors, including healthcare, financial services, technology, and industrial solutions. The company’s portfolio consists of both listed and unlisted companies, and it actively engages with its holdings to drive sustainable growth and create value.


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Volvo AB operates in various sectors of the transportation industry, including commercial vehicles (trucks, buses, and construction equipment), industrial power systems, and financial services. Volvo AB is a leading manufacturer of trucks, buses, and construction equipment worldwide. The company is renowned for its commitment to quality, innovation, and safety in its products.

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Hexagon AB specializes in providing software and hardware solutions for various industries, including manufacturing, construction, geospatial, and public safety. The company’s solutions enable digitalization, automation, and optimization of processes. Hexagon AB operates in several core areas, including Geosystems, Manufacturing Intelligence, PPM (Process, Power & Marine), Safety & Infrastructure, and Mining. Each area focuses on specific industries and provides industry-specific solutions.

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Evolution AB is a leading provider of live dealer gaming solutions. The company offers a wide range of live games as well as innovative game shows and specialized variations. Evolution AB utilizes state-of-the-art technology to deliver a high-quality and immersive gaming experience. The company’s live games are streamed in real-time from professional studios equipped with advanced cameras, lighting, and audio systems.

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  • Recreational Products : Mips, Fenix Outdoor International Ag, Kabe Group, Thunderful Group, Nimbus Group, Resqunit,
  • Other Transportation : Train Alliance Sweden,
  • Other Pharmaceuticals : Biogaia, New Nordic Healthbrands, Wntresearch, Eevia Health, Dancann Pharma, Hemply Balance Holding.
  • Information Technology Services : Hms Networks, Vitec Software Group, Addnode Group, B3 Consulting Group, Transtema Group, Vertiseit, Advenica, Qlosr Group, Arcario, Distit, Wyld Networks, Adverty, Speqta, Hoylu, Image Systems, Empir Group, Eyeonid Group, Terranet, Dlaboratory Sweden, Nodebis Applications, Xmreality, Loyal Solutions A/s, Fx International.
  • Hotels And Resorts And Cruise Lines : Skistar, Scandic Hotels Group, Reato Group,
  • Computer Peripherals : Pricer, Realfiction Holding, Clavister Holding, Anoto Group,
  • Electronics And Appliance Stores : Elon, Tura Group,
  • Investment Banks And Brokers : Avanza Bank Holding, Vnv Global, Mangold, Spotlight Group.
  • Containers And Packaging : Alltainer.
  • Regional Banks : Tf Bank, Awardit,
  • Multi-line Insurance : Solid Forsakringsaktiebolag.
  • Electronic Equipment And Instruments : Hexagon, Sensys Gatso Group, Spectracure, Kebni, Bpc Instruments, Ecoclime Group, Mantex, Sensidose, Norse Impact, H&d Wireless Sweden Holding, Jondetech Sensors, Medimi, Insplorion, Ranlos, Miris Holding, European Institute Of Science, Pharmacolog I Uppsala,
  • Steel : Alleima, Hanza, Nordic Iron Ore,
  • Packaged Software : Evolution, Fortnox, Sectraser, Embracer Group, Paradox Interactive, Sinch, Truecaller, Stillfront Group, Kambi Group Plc, Lime Technologies, Tobii Dynavox, Enad Global 7, Raysearch Laboratories, Plejd, Signup Software, Coinshares International Ltd, Mgi – Media And Games Invest Se, Exsitec Holding, G5 Entertainment, Formpipe Software, I.a.r Systems Group, Acast, Enea, Checkin.com Group, Upsales Technology, Fractal Gaming Group, Oneflow, Micro Systemation, Starbreezeser, Cag Group, Crunchfish, Sleep Cycle, Zordix, Bambuser, 24sevenoffice, Mag Interactive, M.o.b.a. Network, Devport, Freetrailer, Beyond Frames, Hilbert Group, Physitrack Plc, Fragbite Group, Acroud, Safeture, Eeducation Albert, Future Gaming Group, Ortivusser, Briox, Unibap, Nepa, Litium, Quickbit, Gaming Corps, Nitro Games Oyj, Ngenic, Ll Lucky Games, Precise Biometrics, Builddata Group, Spectrumone, Nowonomics, Artificial Solutions International, Fram Skandinavien, 2curex, Mindark, Binero Group, Amido, Jumpgate, Diadrom Holding, Codemill, Sozap, Zenicor, Qiiwi Games, Bomill, Imint Image Intelligence, Thinc, Flowscape Technology, Goodbye Kansas Group, Safe Lane Gaming, Qbank, Qlucore, Nosa Plugs, Zaplox, Odinwell, Touchtech, Transiro Holding, Gold Town Games, Spiffbet, Game Chest Group, Plexian, Wicket Gaming, Fastout Int, Jojka, Comintelli, Omnicar, Tangiamo Touch Technology, Hoodin, Enersize Oyj, Twiik, Fsport, Zesec Of Sweden, Kiliaro, Js Security, Optimobile, Sound Dimension, Move About Group, Appspotr, Skolon, Medhelp Care, Learning 2 Sleep L2s, Effnetplattformen Holding, Opter, Mestro,
  • Finance And Rental And Leasing : Resurs Holding, Creaspacspac, Tebedeser, Savelend Group, Alpcot Holding, Hodl Spac Europe.
  • Oem Auto Parts : Trelleborg,
  • Internet Software And Services : Nordnet, Hemnet Group, Softronic, Raketech Group Holding Plc, Readly International, Bimobject, Sileon, Zignsec, Scout Gaming Group, Star Vault, Urb-it, Th1ng, Netjobs Group, News55, Divio Technologies, Mavshack, Kollect On Demand Holding, Adventure Box Technology, Adtraction Group,
  • Food Retail : Axfood, Lmk Group,
  • Industrial Conglomerates : Ages Industri, Candles Scandinavia,
  • Major Telecommunications : Tele2ser, Bahnhof, Ovzon, Bredband2 I Skandinavien,
  • Hospital And Nursing Management : Attendo, Ortoma, Alteco.
  • Forest Products : Inwido, Bergs Timber, Latvian Forest.
  • Miscellaneous Commercial Services : Securitas, Loomis, Afry, Better Collective A/s, Intrum, Sdiptech, Karnov Group, Knowit, Coor Service Management Holding, Bts Group, Green Landscaping Group, Rejlers, Ework Group, Hoist Finance, Cint Group, 4c Group, Studsvik, Lifeclean International, Homemaid, Qliro, Linkfire A/s, Vimab Group, Solidx, Gasporox, Cedergrenska, Tempest Security, Beammwave, Freja Eid Group, Izafe Group, Safello Group, Sensodetect, Creturner Group, Goobit Group, Secits Holding, Carbiotix, Front Ventures, Chosa Oncology, Dividend Sweden, Xp Chemistries, Pharmiva, Lipidor, Arcede Pharma, Partytajm International, Brandbee, Combinedx,
  • Insurance Brokers And Services : Risk Intelligence.
  • Advertising And Marketing Services : Tradedoubler, Tourn International, Hubso Group, Motion Display, Euroafrica Digital Ventures,
  • Engineering And Construction : Swecoser, Bravida Holding, Instalco, Peab, Nccser, Norva24 Group, Fasadgruppen Group, Eolus Vind, Nordisk Bergteknik, Eltel, Wastbygg Gruppen, Serneke Group, Netel Holding, Infrea, Qleanair, Byggpartner Gruppen, Projektengagemang Sweden, Hexicon, Modelon, Talkpool Ag.
  • Specialty Stores : Biliaser, Synsam, Lyko Groupser, Bhg Group, Ferronordic, Bokusgruppen, Soder Sportfiske, Chargepanel,
  • Electric Utilities : Ox2, Dala Energi, Seatwirl,
  • Movies And Entertainment : Catena Media P.l.c, Angler Gaming, Fantasma Games, Moment Group, Aik Fotboll, Nexar Group, Shortcut Media.
  • Apparel And Footwear Retail : Hennes & Mauritz, H & M, Rvrc Holding, Rizzo Group,
  • Alternative Power Generation : Powercell Sweden, Orron Energy, Arise, Scandinavian Biogas Fuels Int, Minesto, Advanced Soltech Sweden, Zazz Energy Of Sweden,
  • Biotechnology : Vimian Group, Bico Group, Probi, Bioinvent International, Bio-works Technologies, Intervacc, Saniona, Magle Chemoswed Holding, Alzecure Pharma, Biovica International, Senzagen, Mendus, Expres2ion Biotech Holding, Active Biotech, Bioextrax, Phase Holographic, Rls Global, Alligator Bioscience, Toleranzia, Lipum, Xintela, Spago Nanomedical, Simris Group, Elicera Therapeutics, Abera Bioscience, Pila Pharma, Fluicell, Biosergen, Modus Therapeutics Holding, Eurocine Vaccines, Promore Pharma, Quiapeg Pharmaceuticals Holding, Amniotics, S2medical, Ectin Research, Nattaro Labs, Cline Scientific, Idogen,
  • Oil And Gas Production : International Petroleum Corporation, Biofrigas, Taurus Energy.
  • Metal Fabrication : Boliden, Skf,ser, Ssabser, Beijer Alma, Troax Group, Bulten, Abas Protect, Precomp Solutions, Willak.
  • Marine Shipping : Rederiaktiebolaget Gotland, Viking Supply Ships, Concordia Maritime,
  • Broadcasting : Nordic Level Group,
  • Motor Vehicles : Volvo Car, Thule Group, Dometic Group, Clean Motion, Nilsson Special Vehicles, Hybricon, Ellwee,
  • Air Freight And Couriers : Swedish Logistic Property, Jetpak Top Holding,
  • Wholesale Distributors : Beijer Ref, Electrolux Professional, Oem International, Bufab, Meko, Alligo, Momentum Group, Teqnion, Be Group, Haypp Group, Christian Berner Tech Trade, Malmbergs Elektriska, Footway Group, Norditek Group, Enrad, Godsinlosen Nordic,
  • Catalog And Specialty Distribution : Boozt,
  • Textiles : Re:newcell, Duroc, Mbrs Group.
  • Other Consumer Specialties : Bellpal Holding.
  • Electrical Products : Fagerhult,, Aq Group, Garo, Ctek, Ferroamp, Metacon, Acuvi, Azelio, Heliospectra, Nfo Drives, Nilar International, Alelion Energy Systems, Topright Nordic, Swedish Stirling, Lumenradio,
  • Cable And Satellite Tv : Viaplay Group,
  • Other Metals And Minerals : Copperstone Resources, Grã„ngesberg Exploration Holding, Eurobattery Minerals, Lovisagruvan, Bluelake Mineral, Africa Resources, Archelon Natural Resources, Mahvie Minerals.
  • Industrial Machinery : Atlas Copcoser, Assa Abloy, Alfa Laval, Lifcoser.b, Indutrade, Mycronic, Munters Group, Systemair, Lindab International, Concentric, Nederman Holding, Xano Industri, Absolent Air Care Group, Itab Shop Concept, Energy Save, Cell Impact, Impact Coatings, Midsummer, Freemelt Holding, Flexqube, Climeon, Opticept Technologies, Saxlund Group, Aerowash, Finepart, Nordic Flanges Group, Xavi Solutionnode, Easyfill, Envirologic, Lightair, Ecomb, Bawat Water Technologies,
  • Medical And Nursing Services : Medicover, Addlife, Ambea, Vo2 Cap Holding, Vibrosense Dynamics, Attana.
  • Telecommunications Equipment : Ericsson, Telefonab. L M, Invisio, Ependion, Net Insight, Gapwaves, Maven Wireless Sweden, Waystream Group, Doro, Aac Clyde Space, Irisity, Gomspace Group, Incoax Networks, Sustainion, Syncro, C Security.
  • Investment Trusts And Mutual Funds : Creadesa, Eastnine, Sbf Bostad, Skogsfond Baltikum A.
  • Tobacco : Nicoccino Holding,
  • Commercial Printing And Forms : Elanders, Nilorngruppen, Eniro Group,
  • Aerospace And Defense : Saab, Ctt Systems, Cavotec Sa, Avtech Sweden, Serstech, Scandinavian Astor Group.
  • Specialty Telecommunications : Telia Company, Generic Sweden, Sonetel,
  • Major Banks : Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken, Swedbankser, Svenska Handelsbanken, Collector Bank,
  • Electronics Distributors : Dustin Group, W5 Solutions, Alcadon Group, Tcecur Sweden, Triona, Sht Smart High-tech, Cyber Security 1, Trainimal.
  • Electronic Production Equipment : Addtech, Lagercrantz Groupser, Nolato, Note, Tobii, Inission, Sintercast, Saltx Technology Holding, Careium, Strax, Mediacle Group, Northbaze Group, Ourliving.
  • Tools And Hardware : Husqvarnaser, Bergman & Beving Aktiebolag.
  • Semiconductors : Soltech Energy Sweden, Sivers Semiconductors, Fingerprint Cards, Acconeer, Savosolar Plc, Obducat, Tagmaster, Sun4energy Group, Smoltek, Vadsbo Switchtech, Free2move Holding, Implementa Sol, Imsys, Meltron.
  • Computer Communications : Firefly, Concejo, Swemet, Sensor Alarm.
  • Other Consumer Services : Academedia, Dedicare, Humana, Tellusgruppen, Unlimited Travel Group, Actic Group, Aprendere Skolor,
  • Financial Conglomerates : Latour, Investmentab., Industrivarden,ser, Lundbergforetagen, L E, Kinnevikser, Storskogen Group, Bure Equity, Ratosser, Modern Times Group Mtgser, Byggfakta Group Nordic Holdco, Svolderser, Medcap, Linc, Vestum, Traction, Acq Burespac, Pagero Group, Vef, Idun Industrier, Aligro Planet Acquisitionspac, Arbona, Permascand Top Holding,fastator, Karolinska Developmentser.b, Transferator, Ddm Holding Ag, Desenio Group, Nordic Asia Investment Group 1987, Stockwik Forvaltning, Cardeon, Bricknode Holding, Nischer Properties, Epti, I Love Lund, Clean Industry Solutions Hold Europe, Northern Capsek Ventures, Tessin Nordic Holding, Antco. Investment Group, Rightbridge Ventures Group, Upgrade Invest Nordic, Mti Investment Se.
  • Agricultural Chemicals : Cinis Fertilizer,
  • Major Diversified Food : Zinzino, Sjã–strand Coffee.
  • Investment Managers : Investorser, Eqt, Volati, Investmentoresund, Naxs, Havsfrun Investment, Consensus, First Venture Sweden, Nanocap Group, Ds Plattformen, Renewable Ventures Nordic, Case Group, Frilans.
  • Home Improvement Chains : Clas Ohlson, Byggmax Group,
  • Agricultural Commodities And Milling : Skane-mollan, Agtira,
  • Construction Materials : Nordic Waterproofing Holding,
  • Electronic Components : Ncab Group, Hexatronic Group, Proact It Group, Elos Medtech, Novotek, Intellego Technologies,
  • Industrial Specialties : Scandinavian Enviro Systems, Organoclick, Chromogenics,
  • Generic Pharmaceuticals : Eql Pharma, Vivesto,
  • Oilfield Services And Equipment : Guideline Geo,
  • Environmental Services : Axolot Solutions Holding, Recyctec.
  • Electronics And Appliances : Nibe Industrier, Electrolux,ser, Profoto Holding, Eatgood, Audientes.
  • Integrated Oil : Tethys Oil, Maha Energy, Misen Energy, Igrene.
  • Aluminum : Granges, Profilgruppen,
  • Alcoholic Beverages : Viva Wine Group, Kopparbergs, High Coast Distillery, Mackmyra Svensk Whisky, Umida, Arctic Blue Beverages,
  • Homebuilding : Skanska, Balco Group, Titania Holding,
  • Home Furnishings : Duni, Nobia, Svedbergs I Dalstorp, Uswe Sports,
  • Household And Personal Care : Essityser, Clemondo Group, Prebona, Nosium.
  • Precious Metals : Greater Than, Kopy Goldfields, Botnia Exploration Holding, Drillcon, Sotkamo Silver, Northgold, Arctic Minerals,
  • Major Diversified Chemicals : I-tech, Nexam Chemical Holding, Polygiene Group, Axichemser, Circhem, Photocat A/s, Triboron International,
  • Apparel And Footwear : New Wave Group, Bjorn Borg, Athanase Innovation,
  • Data Processing Services : Prevas, Infracom, Klimator, Bonzun,
  • Gaming : Kindred Group Plc, Betssonil, Betsson, Blick Global Group.
  • Real Estate Development : Akelius Residential Propertyser. D, Sagaxa, Castellum, Fastighetsbalder, Fabege, Hufvudstadenser, Wihlborgs Fastigheter, Wallenstam, Atrium Ljungberg, Pandox, Catena, Nyfosa, Np3 Fastigheter, Fastpartnerser, Platzer Fastigheter Holding, Dios Fastigheter, Jm, Corem Property Groupser, Samhallsbyggnadsbo. I Norden, Cibus Nordic Real Estate, Stendorren Fastigheter, Alm Equity, Heba Fastighets, K-fast Holding, Stenhus Fastigheter I Norden, Svenska Nyttobostader, Fastighetstrianon, Fastighetsbolaget Emilshus, John Mattson Fastighetsforetagen, Nivika Fastigheter, Genova Property Group, Byggmastare Anders J Ahlstrom Holding, Bonavaser, Klarabo Sverige, Brinova Fastigheter, Neobo Fastigheter, Besqab, Annehem Fastigheter, Fortinova Fastigheter, K2a Knaust & Andersson Fastigheter, Logistri, Kalleback Property Invest, Crown Energy, Sydsvenska Hem, Acrinovaser, Studentbostader I Norden, Real Fastigheter, Quartiers Properties, Solnaberg Property, Fleming Properties, Bonasudden Holding, Backaheden, Preservium Property, Krona Public Real Estate, Link Prop Investment, Tingsvalvet, Logisteaser, Oscar Properties Holding, Samtrygg Group, Zenergy, Aros Bostadsutveckling, Arlandastad Group,
  • Major Pharmaceuticals : Swedish Orphan Biovitrum, Bioarctic, Camurus, Swedencare, Calliditas Therapeutics, Hansa Biopharma, Synact Pharma, Xbrane Biopharma, Vicore Pharma Holding, Egetis Therapeutics, Fluoguide A/s, Xspray Pharma, Oncopeptides, Cantargia, Diamyd Medical, Ascelia Pharma, Infant Bacterial Therapeutics, Irlab Therapeuticsser, Medivir, Nanologica, Orexo, Iconovo, Initiator Pharma A/s, Kancera, Abliva, Index Pharmaceuticals Holding, Hamlet Pharma, Moberg Pharma, Annexin Pharmaceuticals, Nextcell Pharma, Alzinova, Combigene, Coegin Pharma, Chordate Medical Holding, Immunovia, Isofol Medical, Dextech Medical, Respiratorius, Peptonic Medical, Lidds, Cyxone, Cereno Scientific, Oncozenge, Dicot, Scandion Oncology A/s, Gabather, Guard Therapeutics International, Klaria Pharma Holding, Sprint Bioscience, Prostatype Genomics, Redwood Pharma, Acucort, Aptahem, Cessatech, Stayble Therapeutics, Lipigon Pharmaceuticals, Enorama Pharma, Asarina Pharma, Emplicure, Pharmalundensis, Ellen, Newbury Pharmaceuticals,
  • Building Products : Fm Mattsson Mora Group,, Gullberg & Jansson, Absolicon, Polyplank, Sustainable Energy Solutions Sweden Holding.
  • Meat And Fish And Dairy Food : Scandi Standard, Lohilo Foods,
  • Miscellaneous Manufacturing : Arla Plast, Rolling Optics Holding, Ecorub.
  • Office Equipment And Supplies : Lammhults Design Group,
  • Internet Retail : Cdon, Rugvista Group, Flexion Mobile Plc, Kjell Group, Pierce Group, Online Brands Nordic, Avensia, Nelly Group, Lauritz.com Group A/s, Ecore Group, Spherio Group, Augeo Group, Purefun Group, Sweden Buyersclub,
  • Personnel Services : Veteranpoolen, Ogunsen, Pion Group, Wise Group, Hedera Group, Job Solution Sweden Holding, Transfer Group.
  • Airlines : Sas,
  • Computer Processing Hardware : Mildef Group, Jlt Mobile Computers,
  • Specialty Chemicals : Hexpol, Cortus Energy, Svenska Aerogel Holding, Polymer Factory.
  • Specialty Food And Candy : Aak, Cloetta, Humble Group, Veg Of Lund,
  • Medical Specialties : Arjo, Addvise Groupa, Acousort, Alphahelix, Getinge, Elekta, Vitrolife, Surgical Science Sweden, Biotage, Xvivo Perfusion, Bonesupport Holding, Cellavision, Genovis, Bactiguard Holding, Sedana Medical, Doxa, Smart Eye, Mentice, Syntheticmr, C-rad, Implantica Ag Sdb, Curasight, Paxman, Stille, Enzymatica, Boule Diagnostics, Promimic, Senzime, Integrum, Ossdsign, Lumito, Micropos Medical, Episurf Medical, Corline Biomedical, Dignitana, Braincool, Glycorex Transplantation, Acarix, Nanexa, Scibase Holding, Prostalund, Arocell(Publ), Qlife Holding, Redsense Medical, Cs Medica, Irras, Medclair Invest, Q-linea, Coala-life Group, Prolight Diagnostics, Neola Medical, Duearity, Arcoma, Medfield, Ziccum, Kontigo Care, Bibbinstruments, Scandinavian Chemotech, Neodynamics, Bioservo Technologies, Luxbright, Clinical Laserthermia Systems, Aegirbio, Scandinavian Real Heart, Genetic Analysis, Inhalation Sciences, Invent Medic, Spermosens, Calmark, Monivent, Pexa, Diagonal Bio, Polarcool, Hemcheck Sweden, Raytelligence, Myfirstapp, Tendo, Devyser Diagnostics,
  • Other Companies : Tethys Oil.
  • Pulp And Paper : Svenska Cellulosasca, Holmenser, Billerud Aktiebolag, Nordic Paper Holding, Rottneros, Embellence Group, Bong,
  • Books And Magazines Publishing : Storytel, Scandbook Holding, Hoi Publishing.
  • Trucks And Construction And Farm Machinery : Volvo,ser, Sandvik, Epirocser, Alimak Group, Vbg Group, Seafire, Railcare Group, Oxe Marine, Abelco Investment Group, Lyckegard Group, Ekobot, Zoomability, Engcon, Railway Metrics And Dynamics.

Furthermore, Sweden has a robust retail and consumer goods market. The country has a reputation for design and quality, with globally recognized brands in fashion, furniture, and home goods. The retail sector is evolving rapidly.

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