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Did you not such a large budget for your wedding? It might be an idea to cut down on decoration. Decorating can learn namely! Certain things make yourself you can save a lot of money.

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Are you handy? Go do it yourself with the decoration. Think about going to a charity shop, get there nice candlesticks and decorate themselves with ribbon, lace or hang some nice photos. Customize this decorative creations entirely on to your own style. You can also create nice table runners, floral arrangements, photo wall or backdrop. The walls also can be tackled with old curtains or great ropes. For more inspiring DIY tips a look at our decoration blogs.

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Less is more. To dress a beautiful location on, you do not have much money to spend on decorations. Keep it simple. For glasses with water and floating candles, sprinkle confetti on the tables and put pretty flowers in a small vase. This may give a nice result. Combine the colors of the driving candle with the confetti and the flowers. Thus constitutes your decoration still a beautiful whole.

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Flowers and bouquets than one thinks often are more expensive. Therefore you can also opt for a smaller bouquet if you have a smaller budget. Allow three beautiful large flowers binding by the florist and you have a beautiful bouquet. Let your bridesmaids do not wear a whole bouquet, but go for a beautiful flower that is bound. The same is true for the decoration. Exclusive centerpieces are not a must, you can also go for small vases with field flowers.

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Opt for a special wedding location that suits you. The wedding venue is the background of your big day. Go for a location that is already very beautiful itself, so you have to do less to the decoration. Think of outdoor locations like the beach, a meadow, a garden or a forest: these are natural sites that need little decoration. Learn more about wedding venues? Read our article wedding on location!

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