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Unlocking Success: Exploring the Vibrant World of Companies in Poland

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Poland, located in the heart of Europe, has emerged as a vibrant business destination with a strong economy and a favorable business environment. The country offers a range of opportunities for domestic and international investors across various sectors.

One of the key sectors driving the Polish economy is manufacturing. Poland has a well-developed manufacturing industry, particularly in sectors such as automotive, machinery, electronics, and textiles. The country’s strategic location, skilled workforce, and competitive production costs make it an attractive destination for companies looking to establish manufacturing operations or outsource production. Investing in the Polish manufacturing sector can tap into its skilled labor force, strong supply chains, and access to the European market.

Another thriving sector in Poland is information technology and software development. Poland has a robust IT ecosystem and is known for its talented pool of software developers, engineers, and IT professionals. The country is recognized as a leading outsourcing destination for IT services, offering cost-effective solutions and high-quality expertise. Investing in the Polish IT sector can benefit from its skilled workforce, competitive pricing, and a growing tech startup scene.

Poland also has a strong agricultural sector, with fertile lands and a rich agricultural heritage. The country is a significant producer and exporter of agricultural products such as grains, fruits, vegetables, and dairy products. The food processing industry in Poland is also well-developed, offering opportunities for investment in areas like food production, packaging, and distribution. Investing in the Polish agricultural sector can leverage its fertile lands, skilled farmers, and access to the European market.

Additionally, Poland has been investing heavily in renewable energy, particularly in wind power. The country has seen significant growth in wind farms and renewable energy projects in recent years. With a commitment to reducing reliance on fossil fuels and increasing energy efficiency, investing in the Polish renewable energy sector can benefit from favorable government incentives, a supportive regulatory framework, and a growing demand for clean energy solutions.

Poland’s tourism industry has also been experiencing steady growth, with an increasing number of visitors attracted to its historical sites, natural landscapes, and vibrant cities. Investing in the Polish tourism sector can involve hospitality, accommodation, transportation, and cultural attractions. The country’s rich history, UNESCO World Heritage sites, and cultural festivals offer opportunities for businesses to cater to domestic and international tourists. Below is top 5 company in Poland.


PKN ORLEN is primarily engaged in oil refining and the retail sale of fuel and energy products. They operate several refineries in Poland, producing a wide range of petroleum products, including gasoline, diesel, aviation fuel, and lubricants.

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PKN ORLEN has an extensive retail network of service stations across Poland and in several other countries. They offer fuel, convenience store products, car wash services, and other services to individual consumers and commercial customers.

PKN ORLEN is involved in the production of petrochemicals, including plastics, chemical intermediates, and other chemical products. They have petrochemical plants that produce materials used in various industries, such as automotive, packaging, and construction.


Dino Polska operates a network of grocery stores across Poland. Their stores are typically located in small to medium-sized towns and offer a wide range of food and household products. Dino Polska focuses on providing convenience to customers by offering well-stocked stores in easily accessible locations. They aim to cater to the everyday needs of local communities.

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Dino Polska emphasizes the availability of fresh and locally sourced products. They prioritize offering a wide selection of fresh produce, dairy, meat, and bakery items to meet customer preferences. Dino Polska aims to offer competitive prices to attract customers. They strive to provide affordable options while maintaining product quality and freshness.


PKO BP is the largest and leading bank in Poland in terms of assets, loans, and deposits. It has a significant presence in the Polish banking sector and offers a wide range of financial products and services.

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PKO BP serves both individual and corporate customers. It provides various banking services, including personal accounts, loans, mortgages, investment products, insurance, and corporate banking solutions.


Allegro operates as an e-commerce platform, connecting buyers and sellers in Poland. It offers a wide range of products, including electronics, fashion, home goods, automotive parts, and more. Allegro has a significant user base, with millions of registered users in Poland. It serves as a platform for both individual sellers and businesses to reach a wide audience and sell their products.

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Allegro allows sellers to list their items for auction-style bidding or as fixed-price listings. This provides flexibility for sellers and options for buyers to choose their preferred purchasing method. Allegro provides a secure environment for transactions between buyers and sellers. It offers buyer protection programs and secure payment options to enhance trust and ensure smooth transactions.


Santander Bank Polska offers a wide range of banking services to individual customers, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and corporate clients. These services include savings and checking accounts, loans, mortgages, credit cards, investments, insurance, and more.

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The bank focuses on retail banking, serving individual customers with various financial needs. It provides personalized banking solutions, digital banking services, and a network of branches and ATMs for convenient access to banking services.

Here is some companies in Poland

  • Investment Banks And Brokers : Xtb, Gpw, Reino, Black Pearl, Nwai Dom Maklerski, Falcon Games.
  • Pulp And Paper : Arctic, Izolacja.
  • Consumer Sundries : Wittchen.
  • Engineering And Construction : Budimex, Polimexms, Mirbud, Stalexp, Onde, Trakcja, Erbud, Pekabex, Torpol, Dekpol, Instalkrk, Mostalzab, Immobile, Rafako, Resbud, Introl, Panova, Zue, Mostalwar, Elektroti, Pjpmakrum, Atrem, Prochem, Mostalplc, Starhedge, Remak, Tamex Obiekty Sportowe, Jwwinvest, Elektromont, Prefabet, Eco5tech, Ekopark.
  • Insurance Brokers And Services : Votum, Euco.
  • Major Diversified Chemicals : Selenafm, Ropczyce.
  • Regional Banks : Sanpl, Pekao, Ingbsk, Handlowy, Bnpppl, Alior, Millennium, Bos, Getin, Mpay.
  • Homebuilding : Lokum, Unibep, Marvipol, Apis, Edinvest.
  • Hotels And Resorts And Cruise Lines : Cfi.
  • Steel : Mfo, Izostal, Vistal.
  • Telecommunications Equipment : Maxcom, Creotech.
  • Alternative Power Generation : Columbus.
  • Household And Personal Care : Pccexol, Glcosmed, Pharmena, 4mass.
  • Major Telecommunications : Cyfrplsat.
  • Major Pharmaceuticals : Krka, Ryvu, Clnpharma, Biomedlub, Bioton, Molecure, Bioceltix, Medicobio, Eshopping.
  • Oil Refining And Marketing : Pknorlen.
  • Electric Utilities : Pge, Pep, Tauronpe, Enea, Energa, Zepak, Photon, Kogenera, Bedzin, Termo2power, Fmg, Ekobox S.a.
  • Agricultural Chemicals : Grupaazoty, Police, Pulawy.
  • Hospital And Nursing Management : Voxel, Emcinsmed, Constance.
  • Construction Materials : Carlson Investments, Libet, Rocca.
  • Major Diversified Food : Pepees, Pamapol.
  • Alcoholic Beverages : Ambra, Remor Solar Polska S.a., Browar Czarnkow.
  • Meat And Fish And Dairy Food : Seko, Milkiland.
  • Electronic Equipment And Instruments : Apator, Aplisens, Sonel, Elzab.
  • Coal : Jsw, Bogdanka, Coalenerg.
  • Containers And Packaging : Kgl, Erg.
  • Finance And Rental And Leasing : Fundusz Hipoteczny Dom, 4mobility, Wierzyciel S.a.
  • Oilfield Services And Equipment : Tesgas.
  • Computer Peripherals : Xtpl, S4e, Black Point.
  • Miscellaneous Manufacturing : Mennica, Sanok.
  • Electronics Distributors : Asbis, Abpl, Action, Eurotel, Vidis, Beein.
  • Trucks And Construction And Farm Machinery : Grenevia, Newag, Wielton, Bumech, Zamet, Hydrotor, Feerum, Balticon, Patentus, Herkules.
  • Food Retail : Dinopl, Sfd.
  • Internet Software And Services : Cda, Optigis, Idh Development, One2tribe.
  • Books And Magazines Publishing : Kompap, Ptwp, Muza.
  • Other Consumer Services : Rainbow, Sundragon.
  • Medical Specialties : Synektik, Scpfl, Medicalg, Urteste, Biomaxima, Genomtec, Medinice, Cormay, Zortrax, Nanogroup, Grupamz, Airway, Milton.
  • Metal Fabrication : Rawlplug, Secogroup, Odlewnie, Termorex, Zremb, Moj, Aztec International, Galvo.
  • Computer Processing Hardware : Nttsystem.
  • Food Distributors : Eurocash, Tarczynski, Gobarto, Atlantapl.
  • Electronic Components : Relpol.
  • Wholesale Distributors : Autopartn, Tim, Ulma, Acautogaz, Grodno, Stalprofi, Bowim, Delko, Hortico, Prymus, Drozapol, Solarinov, Ekopol Gornoasloski Holding, Primetech, Redan, Krakchem, Dektra S.a., Swallet, Maximus.
  • Other Pharmaceuticals : Cannabis Poland S.a.
  • Electronics And Appliance Stores : Komputron.
  • Water Utilities : Aquabb, Aqt Water.
  • Restaurants : Amrest, Sfinks, Mexpolska, Sakana.
  • Packaged Software : Cdprojekt, Assecopol, Livechat, Playway, Huuuge, 11bit, Assecobs, Pcfgroup, Cigames, Shoper, Tsgames, Creepyjar, Spyrosoft, Bloober Team, Datawalk, Ailleron, One More Level, Bigcheese, Boombit, Starward, Woodpckr, Artifex, Forever Entertainment, Suntech, Gameops, Medapp, Centurion Finance Asi S.a., Ultgames, Moviegames, Pointpack, Icecode, Dragoent, Incuvo, Lsisoft, Inventionmed, Eo Networks, Tenderhut, Nestmedic, Creativeforge Games, Pyramid, Oxygen, The Dust, Cherrypick Games, Legimi, Road, Varsav Game Studios, Manydev, Milisys, Betacom, Bkdgames, Draw Distance, No Gravity Games, Ecc Games, Qubic Games, 7levels, Jujubee, Metaversum, Tbull, Kool2play, Satis, Polyslash, Detgames, Punchpunk, Gamfactor, Duality, Sonka, Sedivio, Prime Bit Games, Console, Brand24, Madmind, Gamedust, Ltgames, Carbon Studio, Simfabric, Emplocity, Drageus Games, Gamesbox, Frozenway, Megapixel, Artgames, Render, Noobz, Klabater, Lmgames, Moonlit, Blackrose.
  • Aluminum : Kety, Alumetal.
  • Investment Managers : Skarbiec, Caspar, Ipopema, Eratonrg, Nexity, Imperio, Aforti Holding, Carpathia Capital, Ditix.
  • Forest Products : Decora, Standrew, Biofactory.
  • Personnel Services : Grupracuj, Gigroup, Lauren Peso.
  • Miscellaneous : Cognor, Astarta.
  • Specialty Stores : Pepco, Oponeo.pl, Dadelo, Mennica Skarbowa, Miraculum, Intersppl, Baholding, Present24.
  • Home Furnishings : Lubawa.
  • Specialty Telecommunications : R22, Internet Union, Telgam, Easycall.
  • Financial Conglomerates : Stsholding, Eurohold, Cavatina, Wasko, Altus, Unfold, Skyline, Raen, Mwtrade, Capital, Devoran, Notoria Serwis, Synerga Fund, Merit Investments Asi, Novina, Ntvsa, Zeneris.
  • Agricultural Commodities And Milling : Kernel, Imcompany, Ovostar, Agroton, Ksgagro, Biomass Energy Project, Hipromine, Agroliga.
  • Commercial Printing And Forms : Wirtualna, Laboprint.
  • Data Processing Services : Btc Studios.
  • Cable And Satellite Tv : Dgnet.
  • Air Freight And Couriers : Forposta.
  • Textiles : Novita, Lentex, Harper.
  • Movies And Entertainment : Benefit, Agora, Atmgrupa, Platige Image, Astro.
  • Specialty Food And Candy : Wawel, Makaronpl, Otmuchow, Helio, Excellenc, Eurosnack.
  • Office Equipment And Supplies : Forte, Robsgroup.
  • Industrial Specialties : Sniezka.
  • Biotechnology : Selvita, Mabion, Pure, Read-gene, Genxone, Adiuvo.
  • Apparel And Footwear Retail : Lpp, Ccc, Monnari, Cdrl.
  • Multi-line Insurance : Pzu.
  • Other Metals And Minerals : Kghm, Stalprod, Boryszew, Orzbialy, Szar.
  • Non-alcoholic Beverages : Krvitamin.
  • Major Banks : Pkobp, Mbank.
  • Medical And Nursing Services : Telemedycyna Polska, Ekooze, Poltreg.
  • Electrical Products : Sunex, Apsenergy, Govena Lighting, Apanet, Graphene.
  • Marine Shipping : Pkpcargo.
  • Oem Auto Parts : Intercars, Mangata, Less.
  • Gas Distributors : Unimot.
  • Specialty Chemicals : Ciech, Pccrokita, Noctiluca, Hubtech, Onesano, Grupa Recykl.
  • Internet Retail : Allegro, Answear, Arenapl, Gamivo, 3rgames.
  • Miscellaneous Commercial Services : Kruk, Oex, Cityserv, Kredytin, Vindexus, Dbenergy, Roofrenov, 01cybaton, Sescom, Vee, Polaris It Group, Centrum Finansowe S.a., Inno-gene, Inc, Indos, Pragmaink, Polman, Incana, Dga, Ntcapital, Hemp & Wood, Auxilia, Acartus, Mineral Midrange, Pixelcrow, Figene Capital, Termoexpert, Mbf Group, Ekipa, 1solution, Logintrade, Labocanna, Xbsprolog, Investeko, Nowoczesna Firma, Mtenergia.
  • Other Transportation : Otlog, Atc Cargo, Kupiec.
  • Tools And Hardware : Toya, Fasing.
  • Building Products : Ferro, Mercor, Ferrum, Compremum, Kppd, Lena, Ifsa, Wat, Ibc Polska F&p.
  • Apparel And Footwear : Vrg, Wojas, Esotiq, Protektor, Sanwil, Solar.
  • Airlines : Enter.
  • Real Estate Development : Domdev, Gtc, Mlpgroup, Atal, Develia, Echo, Cpgroup, Phn, Archicom, Jr Holding, Inpro, Rankprogr, Wikana, Celtic, Hminwest, Alta, Medcamp, Elkop, Ibsm, Reinhold, Fon, Berg Holding Sa, Lokaty Budowlane, West Real Estate.
  • Industrial Machinery : Rafamet, Kci, Cm International S.a., Staporkow, Hydrapres, Energoins, Robinson Europe.
  • Broadcasting : Kinopol, Digitanet.
  • Wireless Telecommunications : Orangepl, Telestrada.
  • Environmental Services : Mobruk, Geotrans.
  • Electronics And Appliances : Amica, Sygnis, Jrcgroup.
  • Semiconductors : Mlsystem, Vigophotn, Sauletech, Sdsoptic, Voolt, Poltronic.
  • Recreational Products : The Farm 51 Group, Olymp.
  • Advertising And Marketing Services : Ims, K2holding, Asmgroup, Pmpg, Larq.
  • Automotive Aftermarket : Debica.
  • Information Technology Services : Assecosee, Vercom, Comarch, Sygnity, Cloud, Comp, Ifirma, Atende, Xplus, Netwise, Opteam, Passus, Talex, Promise, Makolab, Yoshi, Imagepwr, Planet B2b, Biztech Konsulting, Codeaddic, Aiton Caldwell, Progielda, Bsh, Efenergii, Kbj, Lukardi, Vrfactory, Softblue, Binary Helix, Neurone.
  • Medical Distributors : Neuca, Mercator, Truegs.

In conclusion, Poland offers a range of investment opportunities across sectors such as manufacturing, IT, agriculture, renewable energy, and tourism. The country’s strategic location, skilled workforce, and competitive business environment make it an attractive destination for investors. Investing in Poland can tap into its market potential, skilled labor force, and access to the European Union, ultimately leading to growth and success in the Polish market. Data taken in may 2023.

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