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Unlocking Success: Exploring the Thriving Company Landscape in Norway

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Norway, known for its natural beauty, robust economy, and high standard of living, offers a promising landscape for businesses and investors. With a strong focus on sustainability, innovation, and technological advancements, Norway has developed thriving industries across various sectors.

One of the key sectors driving the Norwegian economy is the energy sector. Norway is renowned for its vast reserves of oil, gas, and hydropower resources. The country has successfully managed its natural resources and developed advanced technologies in offshore drilling, renewable energy, and carbon capture. Investing in the Norwegian energy sector can benefit from its expertise in sustainable energy production, strong regulatory frameworks, and a commitment to transitioning to a low-carbon future.

Another prominent sector in Norway is maritime and offshore industries. With a long coastline and a rich maritime heritage, Norway has built a strong presence in shipbuilding, offshore oil and gas exploration, and marine technology. The country is at the forefront of offshore engineering, subsea solutions, and maritime innovation. Investing in the Norwegian maritime sector can tap into its expertise, advanced infrastructure, and opportunities in areas like autonomous vessels, aquaculture, and offshore wind.

Norway is also known for its strong focus on technology and innovation. The country has a thriving startup ecosystem, with Oslo being recognized as a leading hub for tech entrepreneurship. Norway excels in sectors such as ICT, software development, clean technologies, and digital services. Investing in the Norwegian tech sector can benefit from its supportive startup ecosystem, access to skilled tech talent, and a culture that embraces digital innovation.

The tourism industry in Norway is another area of opportunity for investment. The country’s breathtaking landscapes, fjords, and Northern Lights attract tourists from around the world. With a focus on sustainable tourism and outdoor experiences, investing in the Norwegian tourism sector can involve hospitality, adventure tourism, nature-based activities, and cultural attractions. Norway’s commitment to sustainable practices and eco-tourism offers a unique selling point for businesses in the tourism industry.

Additionally, Norway has a strong focus on the healthcare and life sciences sector. The country is known for its world-class medical research, pharmaceutical companies, and advanced healthcare system. Investing in healthcare-related businesses in Norway can tap into its expertise in medical research, telemedicine, biotechnology, and healthcare services. With an aging population and a growing demand for innovative healthcare solutions, there are opportunities for investment and collaboration in this sector. Below are top 5 companies in Norway.


Equinor ASA is a energy company specializing in oil, gas, and renewable energy. Equinor operates in more than 30 countries and is involved in exploration, production, refining, and marketing of petroleum and petroleum-derived products.

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The company has a strong focus on sustainable energy solutions and has been actively investing in renewable energy projects such as offshore wind farms. Equinor aims to be a leader in the transition to a low-carbon future and is committed to responsible energy production.

Products : Lubricants, greases, Hydrogen, Bioenergy, Solar energy, Onshore/Offshore wind farms, Petrochemicals, NGL, LNG, Natural gas, Crude oil.


DNB offers various banking services, including savings accounts, checking accounts, loans, mortgages, credit cards, and payment solutions. They cater to both individual customers and businesses.

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DNB provides comprehensive banking services to corporate clients, institutional investors, and public sector entities. These services include corporate lending, trade finance, cash management, treasury solutions, capital markets activities, and advisory services.


Telenor provides a wide range of telecommunications services, including mobile and fixed-line voice services, mobile data, internet, and digital TV. They offer these services to individual consumers, businesses, and public sector customers.

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Telenor operates mobile networks in several countries, offering voice and data services to mobile subscribers. They focus on providing reliable network coverage, high-speed data connectivity, and innovative mobile solutions.


Aker BP engages in the exploration, development, and production of oil and gas resources in offshore areas. They focus on the Norwegian Continental Shelf and have interests in various licenses and fields.

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Aker BP has proven and probable reserves of oil and gas, and their production activities contribute to the overall energy supply. They aim to optimize production efficiency and maximize the recovery of hydrocarbon resources.


Hydro is one of the world’s largest integrated aluminum companies, involved in the entire aluminum value chain. They engage in bauxite mining, alumina refining, primary aluminum production, and downstream operations such as extrusion, rolling, and recycling.

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sea cargo delivery

Hydro is committed to sustainable and renewable energy solutions. They own and operate several hydropower plants in Norway, utilizing clean and renewable energy sources for their operations. Hydro also invests in innovative technologies and solutions to reduce their environmental impact.

Another business in Norway

  • Real Estate Investment Trusts : Bw Ideol As.
  • Commercial Printing And Forms : Kahoot! Asa.
  • Electronic Production Equipment : Kitron Asa.
  • Meat And Fish And Dairy Food : Mowi Asa, Salmar Asa, P/f Bakkafrost, Leroy Seafood Group, Austevoll Seafood Asa, Masoval As, Kingfish Company Nv (The), Proximar Seafood As, Biofish Holding As.
  • Aluminum : Norsk Hydro Asa.
  • Advertising And Marketing Services : Adevinta Asa.
  • Contract Drilling : Borr Drilling Limited, Seadrill Limited, Odfjell Drilling Limited, Shelf Drilling Ltd, Shelf Drilling North Sea Ltd, Akastor Asa, Northern Ocean Ltd, Noram Drilling As, Odfjell Technology Ltd, Deep Value Driller As, Dolphin Drilling As, Archer Ltd, Northern Drilling Limited, Awilco Drilling Plc.
  • Metal Fabrication : Akva Group Asa.
  • Internet Software And Services : Schibsted Asa.
  • Other Transportation : Wilh. Wilhelmsen Hldg Asa, Self Storage Group Asa.
  • Agricultural Commodities And Milling : Grieg Seafood, Ice Fish Farm As, Salmon Evolution Asa, Aker Biomarine Asa, Andfjord Salmon As, Atlantic Sapphire Asa, Gigante Salmon As, Nordic Aqua Partners A/s, Norcod As, Statt Torsk As.
  • Specialty Chemicals : Rec Silicon Asa, Everfuel A/s, Ocean Geoloop As, Desert Control As, Horisont Energi As, Hyon As.
  • Construction Materials : Borgestad Asa.
  • Homebuilding : Selvaag Bolig As.
  • Discount Stores : Europris Asa.
  • Information Technology Services : Atea Asa, Crayon Group Holding Asa, Carasent Asa, Arribatec Solution, Xplora Technologies As, Ayfie Group As.
  • Food Distributors : Nordic Halibut As.
  • Semiconductors : Nordic Semiconductor, Elliptic Laboratories Asa, Idex Biometrics Asa, Next Biometrics Group Asa, Hav Group Asa, Ocean Sun As, Harmonychain As.
  • Regional Banks : Pareto Bank Asa, Sandnes Sparebank, Aurskog Sparebank, Morrow Bank Asa, Sparebanken Ost, Voss Veksal-og Landmandsbank, Instabank Asa, Skue Sparebank, Romsdal Sparebank.
  • Air Freight And Couriers : Bonheur Asa.
  • Engineering And Construction : Af Gruppen Asa, Veidekke, Multiconsult Asa, Cloudberry Clean Energy Asa, Norbit Asa, Agilyx Asa, Otovo Asa, Nrc Group Asa, Electromagnetic Geoservices, Vow Green Metals As, Norsk Solar As, Argeo As.
  • Internet Retail : Komplett Asa.
  • Other Metals And Minerals : Nordic Mining Asa, Norsk Titanium As, Green Minerals As.
  • Wireless Telecommunications : Nortel As,
  • Environmental Services : Cambi Asa, Vow Asa, Quantafuel As.
  • Real Estate Development : Entra Asa, Olav Thon Eiendomsselskap, Aurora Eiendom As, Kmc Properties Asa.
  • Specialty Stores : Kid Asa, Hynion As.
  • Electrical Products : Zaptec Asa, Bergen Carbon Solutions As, Kyoto Group As, Ensurge Micropower Asa.
  • Major Banks : Dnb Bank Asa, Sparebanken Vest, Sparebank 1 Sorost-norge, Sparebanken Sor, Lea Bank Asa, Sogn Sparebank.
  • Steel : Rana Gruber Asa.
  • Pulp And Paper : Norske Skog Asa.
  • Medical Specialties : Medistim Asa, Arcticzymes Technologies Asa, Photocure Asa, Lifecare As.
  • Computer Peripherals : Zwipe As.
  • Oil And Gas Production : Bluenord Asa, Pgs Asa, Bw Offshore Ltd, Awilco Lng Asa, Reach Subsea Asa, Petronor E&p Asa, Interoil Exploration And Production, Hunter Group Asa.
  • Oem Auto Parts : Kongsberg Automotive Asa.
  • Wholesale Distributors : Hydrogenpro Asa, Xxl Asa, Elektroimportoren As.
  • Medical Distributors : Navamedic Asa.
  • Major Diversified Chemicals : Borregaard Asa, Aqua Bio Technology Asa.
  • Gaming : Gaming Innovation Group Ltd.
  • Aerospace And Defense : Nordic Unmanned Asa.
  • Medical And Nursing Services : Inify Laboratories Ab.
  • Oil And Gas Pipelines : Cool Company Ltd.
  • Electronics Distributors : Techstep Asa.
  • Hotels And Resorts And Cruise Lines : Havila Kystruten As.
  • Personnel Services : Zalaris Asa.
  • Containers And Packaging : Bewi Asa, Elopak Asa, Hexagon Composites Asa.
  • Precious Metals : Akobo Minerals Ab.
  • Multi-line Insurance : Storebrand Asa, Protector Forsikring Asa.
  • Major Pharmaceuticals : Nykode Therapeutics Asa, Ultimovacs Asa, Bergenbio Asa, Vistin Pharma Asa, Lytix Biopharma As, Arctic Bioscience As, Nordic Nanovector Asa.
  • Alternative Power Generation : Aker Solutions Asa, Scatec Asa, Alternus Energy Group, Energeia As.
  • Airlines : Norwegian Air Shuttle Asa, Norse Atlantic Asa.
  • Finance And Rental And Leasing : Oceanteam Asa.
  • Miscellaneous Commercial Services : Bouvet Asa, Ecit As, B2holding Asa, Abl Group Asa, Axactor Asa, Itera Asa, Webstep Asa, Lumi Gruppen As, Co2 Capsol As, Softox Solutions As, Pci Biotech Holding Asa, Wpu – Waste Plastic Upcycling A/s.
  • Savings Banks : Sparebank 1 Sr-bank Asa, Sparebank 1 Smn, Sparebank 1 Ostlandet, Sparebank 1 Nord-norge, Sparebank 1 Helgeland, Sparebank 1 Nordmore, Grong Sparebank, Romerike Sparebank, Sunndal Sparebank.
  • Textiles : Elkem Asa.
  • Integrated Oil : Equinor Asa, Aker Bp Asa, Var Energi Asa, Dno Asa, Okea Asa, Panoro Energy Asa.
  • Miscellaneous Manufacturing : Tomra Systems Asa.
  • Investment Banks And Brokers : Abg Sundal Collier Hldg Asa, Norwegian Block Exchange As.
  • Oilfield Services And Equipment : Subsea 7 S.a, Bw Energy Limited, Gc Rieber Shipping Asa, Prosafe Se (Sn), Havila Shipping, Seabird Exploration Plc.
  • Financial Conglomerates : Aker Asa, Aker Horizons Asa, Sparebanken More, Treasure Asa, Sikri Group Asa, S.d. Standard Etc Plc, Tekna Holding Asa, Standard Supply As, Scana Asa, Pryme N.v, Saga Pure Asa, North Energy Asa, Aega Asa.
  • Data Processing Services : Tgs Asa.
  • Forest Products : Byggma Asa.
  • Major Telecommunications : Telenor Asa.
  • Electric Utilities : Arendals Fossekompani Asa, Elmera Group Asa, Magnora Asa, Mpc Energy Solutions N.v, Eam Solar Asa, Skandia Greenpower As.
  • Electronic Equipment And Instruments : Strongpoint Asa, Q-free Asa, Airthings Asa, Observe Medical Asa.
  • Biotechnology : Circa Group As, Targovax Asa.
  • Specialty Food And Candy : Orkla Asa, Hofseth Biocare As.
  • Trucks And Construction And Farm Machinery : Kongsberg Gruppen Asa, Hoegh Autoliners Asa, Cadeler As, Endur Asa, Nekkar Asa, Philly Shipyard Asa, Eqva Asa.
  • Electronic Components : Smartoptics Group As, Polight Asa.
  • Other Consumer Services : Sats Asa.
  • Property And Casualty Insurance : Gjensidige Forsikring Asa.
  • Marine Shipping : Wallenius Wilhelmsen Asa, Hafnia Limited, Flex Lng Ltd (Bm), Stolt-nielsen Limited, Bw Lpg Ltd, Mpc Container Ships Asa, Okeanis Eco Tankers Corp, Odfjell Se, Avance Gas Holding Limited, Froy Asa, Siem Offshore Inc, Gram Car Carriers Asa, Belships Asa, Klaveness Combination Carriers Asa, Bw Epic Kosan Ltd, Amsc Asa, Edda Wind Asa, 2020 Bulkers Ltd, Solstad Offshore Asa, Himalaya Shipping Ltd, Western Bulk Chartering As, Eidesvik Offshore Asa, Jinhui Shipping & Transportation, Carbon Transition Asa, Ads Maritime Holding Plc, Golden Energy Offshore Services As.
  • Packaged Software : Autostore Holdings Ltd, Meltwater N.v, Link Mobility Group Holding Asa, Smartcraft Asa, Pexip Holding Asa, Volue Asa, Nordhealth As, Csam Health Group As, River Tech Plc, Contextvision Ab, Mintra Holding As, Cyviz As, 5th Planet Games A/s, Otello Corporation Asa, Huddly As, Huddlestock Fintech As, Codelab Capital As, Canopy Holdings As, Univid Asa.
  • Agricultural Chemicals : Yara International Asa.
  • Industrial Machinery : Nel Asa, Aker Carbon Capture Asa, Hexagon Purus Asa, Teco 2030 Asa, Inin Group As, Goodtech Asa, M Vest Water As.
  • Telecommunications Equipment : Napatech A/s, Astrocast Sa.

In conclusion, Norway offers a range of investment opportunities across sectors such as energy, maritime, technology, tourism, and healthcare. The country’s commitment to sustainability, innovation, and high standards of living make it an attractive destination for businesses and investors. Investing in Norway can leverage its expertise, advanced infrastructure, and supportive business environment, ultimately leading to growth and success in the Norwegian market. Data taken in may 2023.

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